How Can Data Journalism Help You Trust Your Marketing Data

January 17, 2023 webinars


“Back it up with data” has become the common mantra, yet many of us don’t fully trust the data we have at hand. Navigating numbers is challenging, as results are often misrepresented for effect or gain. 


In this live session, Nicola Strand, Senior Digital Strategist at Vertic, and Accutics' Casper Noreen Frid will uncover what makes enterprises struggle with trusting data and what they can learn from effective data journalism


We'll take the unconventional webinar path and pass the mic to you. Dive into the reasons behind distrust in data and learn: 


  • What immediate & long-term effects lack of data compliance has 
  • Why visualization and data storytelling are important
  • How team synergies and culture impact data activation


Join the conversation to get the answers to what you've always wanted to know about commercial data handling, but were afraid to ask.


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