Fun with Derived Fields - Customer Journey Analytics' Most Exciting New Feature

November 14, 2023

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics is one of the hottest topics in the analytics industry. As the successor to Adobe Analytics, it offers a rich set of exciting new features and completely overhauled tools. One of those features is Derived Fields, which (according to some industry experts) holds a wealth of value for new and existing customers.

Join Derek Tangren and Eric Matisoff from Adobe, as well as Frederik Werner from Accutics in this fun and engaging session to learn all about Derived Fields and experience the excitement!

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Learn what Derived Fields in Customer Journey Analytics are and how they work
  • Understand how you can use Derived Fields to improve on long-time favorite features of Adobe Analytics
  • Discover some entirely new and exciting applications and use cases

Join us at September 12, 5pm CET (11am Eastern, 8am Pacific)

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