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DRY RUN: How to Build an Enterprise-Level Campaign Taxonomy

May 23, 2022


Only 3% of organizations’ data meets basic quality standards*, according to Harvard Business Review. Now more than ever, digital marketing success hinges on the ability to capture marketing data consistently to enable business insights and campaign optimization. 


Join data governance experts Jimmy Felstead, Station10 and Kasper Rasmussen, Accutics as they take a deep dive into building and aligning an enterprise-grade taxonomy for campaign data.


In this webinar, you will learn about: 


  • Planning your taxonomy: how to define your goals and create your campaign tracking taxonomy from the ground up
  • Scoping and implementation: what should be included in the taxonomy, with real-life use cases
  • Reporting and optimization: how to scale and optimize your taxonomy to meet your organization's evolving needs


* Harvard Business Review - Assessing Quality, A Managerial Call to Action

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